ON Creativity

Art builds our capacity for imagination.                                                          

Our capacity for imagination changes the world.

I am interested in creating work that stretches people’s ability to imagine and dream. In that space the performer and witness move toward a personal and collective liberation -- liberation from external and internal oppressions.


Let's bring people into implausible, improbable, even absurd experiences that  expectations, breaking way to possibilities. 

A Folk Choreographer. 

Relational. Birthed from everyone and everything present in the room. All presenters and witnesses are precisely needed for the manifestation of the work at hand --  creating such grand collusion that roles are blurred and possibilities opened. 

Self-Referential. Like a self portrait. Reflecting a particular moment in time, a particular group convened -- rooting in the unique historical and cultural context in which the work is conceived, shared and explored.

Collaged. Drawing on a multitude of disciplines -- dance, ecology, film, music, yoga, paper arts, theater, farming, education, community building, writing, facilitation -- juxtaposing and intertwining them with one another to convey the quality of a subject as much, if not more than, its story. The story is non-linear, fractured, from multiple voices, from multiple perspectives, overlapping, at times conflicting. The work is cut, spliced and woven together.

Drawing on folk art traditions

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